Event Overview

Events begin around 9 pm on Friday, and last until 12 pm on Sunday. From the time lay-on happens to the the time lay-off occurs, game is running 24-7. Soft lay-on allows PCs to interact with one another before the NPCs come into game. Hard lay-on, typically a half hour after soft lay-on, marks the beginning of the time when monsters come to play. Lay-off ends the game at the end of event, following the same pattern. You can encounter adventure at any time of day or night, although NPC camp usually gets a few hours of sleep in the early morning.

When you first get into game, you'll probably spend some time catching up with other characters and sharing any information you've found out in between games. You'll fight off monsters and usually see hints of the story that will be taking place that event. Some stories continue for multiple events, so you'll also learn what's happened with those tales while you've been gone. Sometimes, the direction of a story can change fairly drastically, based on the in between game actions of other PCs.

Saturday during the day tends to be spent going "modding," or looking for adventure in the woods. These adventures can be found either by talking to the plot team or by finding mod cards (pieces of paper stapled to trees). You'll go through a series of semi-random encounters, getting gold, items, and sometimes information. As you learn more about the story, you can start to think about how you are going to react.

Saturday night, after dinner, is the climax of the tale for the weekend. Almost always, this means a massive melee battle in which the entire town fights. These are often the highlight of the event, and get you a lot of treasure. Hopefully, you manage to defeat the evil sorcerer, or lich, or whoever you're fighting!

Sunday is more relaxed, as people are packing to leave as well as playing the game. You can go on more mods, or just interact with other PCs. Sometimes, plot will send NPCs out as various monsters. If you have loose ends to tie up, you can do that as well. Generally, you'll spend the time before lay-off planning what you are going to do before the next game.

Although game runs 24/7, you can always go out of game if you want. Some people do this to sleep, though it really is much more fun to sleep in game. The experience is much more immersive that way, and there's nothing quite like the experience of being woken up by an attack. You can also go out of game to ask a brief question, such as "What does that effect do?" More experienced players will be happy to answer. If you're going to be out of game for long periods of time, you should wear a white headband to show this. If you only need to ask a question, putting your hand on your head also signifies that you're out of game.