Welcome to NERO Rizen

An adventurer's never life is never easy, but always exciting.

That much is already evident, though you've only been in town for a few hours. It's your first adventure, and you're excited and nervous all at once. As soon as you got into town, a group of more experienced adventurers swept you up, explaining that there's a necromancer menacing the town. They're going to go fight it: do you want to come? You followed along, bemused, as they led you to a dark cavern system. It seemed like a bad idea to enter the depths of the cave, but your new companions blithely strolled ahead. So, clutching your longsword (your only weapon), you went along with them.

Now, you don't know what you've gotten yourself into, but it's definitely fun.

"I call upon the earth to cure critical wounds 30!" "Die, stupid undead, die!" "I call forth a flame bolt!" The sounds of battle surround you in a chaotic din. Rotting zombies lurch forward, swinging dead arms slowly at you and your companions. Body parts littering the ground bear testament to the fate soon to be theirs. Howling ghosts circle the party, but seem wary of getting too near your healer. A stocky elf named Lirea, she planted her feet as soon as you reached the middle of the cave, and now hurls an apparently-inexhaustable storm of magical bolts at the undead. Another healer, whose name you can't remember, mends the wounds that your companions take. He moves easily through the combat, protected by the capable fighters who make up the front line. Those fighters lunge and stab, decimating the zombies who attack them.

Out of nowhere, a grotesque shape slashes at your chest with a rusted blade. You bring your sword up just in time to block, feeling the clash reverberate down your arm. Disconnecting, you turn the block into a slash of your own. The zombie can't react in time, and stares dumbly as your blade bites through the sinews of its upper arm. It tries to stab you, but you dodge, and return the attack. You grin fiercely as the monster crumbles to dust at your feet.

The sarr scout hurling acid globes next to you pats you on the shoulder approvingly before returning to the fight. In a few more minutes, all of the undead are destroyed. The necromancer appears to have escaped like a coward after summoning his minions to attack you, but your companions don't seem too worried. "We'll get him soon," one of the fighters promises. "You fought well here, do you want to be there when we do?"

What happens next is up to you. In NERO, you can be anything you want to be, and do (almost) anything you want. You create the story. Do you want to be a heroic paladin, a stealthy rogue, or a peaceful healer? Or maybe you want to be a sly necromancer, or a cheerful merchant. It's up to you. Come enjoy an exciting, adventurous game, and create your own legend.

Your character

Your character is the first thing you create as a new player. First, come up with your personality and backstory. What's your name? Were you an orphan, or the child of a large family? Why did you become an adventurer? What are your likes and dislikes? Is there anything you're terrified of, or anything you'll fight for no matter the cost? These questions can start you off when creating your character.

Next, you need to pick your race and class. Make sure they make sense with your backstory! There are thirteen races and four classes to choose from, so you have plenty of variety.


Barbarian: Barbarians hail from the vast wilderness reaches of the land, and are unused to "civilized" behavior. Fierce fighters, they detest celestial magic and are identifiable by their furs and leathers.

Biata: According to legend, biata are descended from a barbarian tribe, but they do not act or look like barbarians. They have large upturned feathery eyebrows and often grow feathers in their hair and claws on their fingers as well. They tend to have a very orderly philosophy of life, and always act for a purpose. They also often possess powerful mental skils, which allow them to enter the minds of others.

Drae: Drae are dark elves, with black skin and white or silver hair. Honor is the most important quality a person can possess in their society, so they will always keep their word once given. They are an aloof, arrogant race that considers themselves superior to all other races.

Dwarf: Sturdy individuals who prefer to live in mountainous regions, dwarves are a friendly but secretive race. They appreciate good craftsmanship in all things, especially weapons, armor, and jewelry. All members of the race have beards, even the women.

Elf: Like in the stories, elves are a long-lived race with pointed ears. There are several types of elf. The Quentari elves come from the oldest civilization on Tyrra, and consider themselves the most civilized of the races. The Amani elves are descended from the Quentari, but are more friendly and down-to-earth. Stone elves are much more serious, considering it a grave breach of good manners to show any emotion, and possess the same mental skills as biata. Finally, wild elves share many barbarian traits, and are thus considered "not real elves" by most other elves.

Gypsy: Gypsies are nomadic wanderers, living in tribes that wander the kingdoms. They are boistrous, exuberant, and outgoing, distinguished by their bright clothes and foreign accent. They place family above everything else, and will always support a fellow gypsy.

Half ogre: Half ogres resemble ogres, with their yellow skin and protruding lower tusks. Though not very intelligent, they are ferocious fighters who never show fear. They consider other races spoiled for their fancy living.

Half orc: With their green skin and tusks, half orcs are cousins to the orcs, and are just as fierce of fighters. Like half ogres, they aren't too smart, and would rather fight than talk.

Hobling: Hoblings are peaceful folk with furry hands and feet. They are friendly, cheerful, and charismatic, as well as shrewd businesspeople. They love living well, and don't usually enjoy the danger that comes with adventuring, so they are often craftsmen.

Mystic wood elf: Not actually elves, mystic wood elves are distinguished by the small horns on their forehead and their pointed ears. They are natural artisans who enjoy working with their hands. To them, oaths are very important, as is freedom. Enslavement of any kind is anathema, even simple charm spells.

Sarr: Sarr are a race of cat people, resembling various species of great cat. Curiousity, loyalty, and independence are their predominant traits. They live in a matriarchal society, ruled by the female leaders of their clans. They tend to be fierce warriors who never forget an enemy, and have excellent scenting ability.

Scavenger: Scavenger is a term used to describe an animal race apart from sarr and biata. The various races included in the name have their own personalities and cultures. Many are fairly savage, but others have a long history of civilization. However, the animal traits are always present in their behavior.


Fighter: As the name implies, fighters are good with weapons and shields. They have a high level of stamina and strength, preferring to rely on physical means to accomplish their goals. Good with any form of martial art, they also can wear the most armor of any of the classes.

Scholar: Scholars are primarily mages, skilled with various magical arts as well as with crafting. They choose between earth magic and celestial magic. Earth magic allows the mage to heal, as well as holds the potential to become a necromancer. Celestial magic is battle magic, with numerous damaging spells that draw on the power of the elements. However, scholars are physically weaker than all other classes, making it more difficult to wear armor or wield weapons.

Templar: Templars are a cross between fighters and scholars. They don't learn magic as easily as the scholars, but they can learn the fighting skills with more ease. They won't be as good as fighters at wielding weapons, but as they get more experience they can be extremely effective.

Rogue: Rogues are scouts and ranged combatants. From hiding, they can do a lot of damage, but they aren't as effective in the front lines. They are very good at alchemy, allowing them to manufacture and use a variety of gases, poisons, and acids. They aren't as durable as fighters, but match templars in their physical stamina.