Useful documents


NERO rulebook: this contains the majority of the rules that the game needs. If it's your first time at NERO, the sections Getting Started and The Basics are good to read.

NERO formal magic rules: everything you need to know about formal magic and cantrips.

NERO race rules: the races described in the rulebook have new powers. These can be found here. If you are a new player, check these out before making your character.


Mithril playtest: Mithril is a special metal that gives smiths the ability to create enhanced weapons and armor. Source: NERO Highborn

Golem body playtest: This playtest defines the creation and use of golems in this chapter. Source: NERO Highborn

Formal scroll crafting playtest: This playtest is an addendum to the formal magic rules already in use; it allows casters to create their own formal scrolls. Source: NERO Highborn


Insurance waiver: please print this out and sign it before coming to your first game!

Legal release form: please print this out and sign it before coming to your first game!

New character sheet: this is a template sheet that you can use to make your first character. If it's confusing, don't worry; we're more than happy to help. But this should give you a place to start choosing your skills. Remember, you start with 30 build points to spend.

Costume tutorials

How to make a cloak: cloaks are a wonderful way to make a costume more elaborate, as well as a great way to keep warm. Plus, they're easy to make.

How to make a tunic: for your first event, a simple tunic or tabard is a good way to start your costume. They take less than an hour to make.

How to make wrap pants: wrap pants are slightly more complicated, but they look much more in period than other types of pants. You wear them over shorts or pants, so they're also good for layering in the winter.